Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whooo are Yooouuu?

Infant Owl Costume from Pottery Barn Kids
I love this costume. But not the $50 price tag. So, I attempted to make my own for Eliza. There were some adjustments made... and it is far from perfect. But I think it will be lovely for Halloween. And it only cost me about $7.00 to make it and the matching dress underneath.

I basically made a very amateur hooded cape. Very amateur. (lots of seam ripping took place in the making of this costume.) The ears and the beak look red in the photos.. but they are actually a fushia pink. I also made a very basic dress with ruffled reathers on the front. By using the fleece, I didn't have to fuss with hems or armholes. That was nice. And the fleece will be nice and warm for Halloween night! Brilliant, I know. My biggest bummer... they didn't have tan fleece. So I had to use cream. So, she is a little white owl. Still adorable. I have 2 more costumes to make before Halloween... Liam = bat. Oliver = dragon. I also have about umpteen million photos still to be edited... And here I am blogging. Ugh.

Farewell world.