Sunday, September 30, 2007

Today my little boy got stung 2x by a bee.

He was holding his little swollen chubby arm and crying. It broke my heart. Oliver is 18 months old... I am 25 and have never stung before.

I would rather be stung by 25 bees, than to have my little guy get stung once.

It is true, to be a mother is to have your heart walking around outside your body.

I am so grateful for bee stings...

They made me realize how blessed I am to have healthy children that can run around outside and get stung.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Did somebody day ROTTEN!

Nothing like getting off to a rotten start! Man! I can't or wait yes I can believe it. Let's see...Today Justin and I took a much needed trip to Lafayette without the kids. AAAHHHH...I love my boys, but man-o-mighty did I need a break. I have to get over the guilt that I feel whenever I leave them though. It stinks and tends to ruin the day. Carolyn, my sis-in-law, came home this weekend from ISU. So we have been hanging out with her a bit. She is great. Oliver has yet another ear infection and it is making life cranky for both of us. What else? Oh, I know I left a chicken breast in the microwave to thaw out. I forgot about it for 2 days... and my kitchen smelled like a dead animal this morning. GROSS! Other than that, I should be doing my dishes right now. But alas, I procrastinate yet again! Adios.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Away We Go!!!

Well, I checked out a friend of mine's blog and liked how often she posted. So, I am going to give it whirl. I am going to try to blog everyday for a month. We'll see. I will probably end up fizzling out. Typical...

Question, for anyone that reads this...all 3 of you. I am trying to find a better way to have my devotions. I tried just old school reading my Bible. But, I know that after a day or two, I am getting nothing and just doing it to say that I did it. Maybe this is a heart problem. I tried listening to Demoss... but there are only a few audio posts available. So, suggestions on an audio version of devotions?

I am addicted. To coupons. To CVS. It haunts my dreams. But I love it. I think I annoy the "non-pons" as I refer to them. (Those people that don't coupon...) (and my husband) Because I like to talk about the deals! It is like a game to me... How much stuff for how little money...challenging.

This is a very random post. That is how my mind functions I suppose. I want to put a picture up. So I am including the photo of a siberian baby weighing 17lbs and 1 oz. Thank goodness for my 7 lb babies.

So, tomorrow then. I am out!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You Had Me At Hello...?

Fun in the house...mommy had to get glasses. Oliver likes them too. Liam and I hanging out. Just some pics to share. Better go, Oliver is on the phone and Liam is crying. Oh by the way, Liam rolled over yesterday and Oliver said "cat."

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Justin is SO gonna kill me!

...when he finds out that I put these pictures on here....
I went to the $.50 bag sale day at our local thrift store this week. It is something I look forward to... I Love My Bag Sales! I scored a few finds for myself, the kids, my mom, and my crazy husband and brother. I stumbled upon 2 wrestling outfits. Remember A.C. Slater?! Saved by the Bell?!! I knew these would be a hit! Boy was I right. Justin put his on under his clothes and we went to my mom's house and he stripped down in the kitchen and began to wrestle my brother! My husband , for those of you who don't know him, is a quiet and laid back guy and rarely draws attention to himself. That is why the following is even more hilarious. So, my brother puts on his wrestling uniform, which turned out to be a women's aerobic jumpsuit. Then Justin gets the bike and Brandon (brother) on a skateboard and they take off around the block. I love my husband, but they both look slightly moronic in these outfits. To top it off they go through the drive-thru at McDonalds with these on. The guy at the window had to take off his microphone and walk away because he was laughing so hard. It was a fun day...