Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pretty Porch...

Well, after quite a bit of work, it is nearly finished. I still want to put new address numbers on the house and take down the eagle... or paint it green... Either way, I am so psyched about my porch. The best part is, it cost so very little. The wicker furniture was given to me...$0.00 We painted it... $7.00 The fabric for the cushions was on sale at Wal-Mart... $4.00 My lovely mother bought us the plants for the flower beds...$0.00 There used to be a giant bush on the right hand side of the porch, my father-in-law loaned us a chainsaw and my studly husband chopped it down... $0.00 We painted the porch red and it is a rental, take it out of the rent... $0.00 Do you see a trend? I also wanted to paint the mailbox. We have the biggest mailbox on the block. And it was ugly. So a giant ugly rusty brown mailbox, a run down front porch, along with a front yard sprinkled in dog poop, and bare spots in the grass from where I never finished raking the leaves and they killed the grass...inviting eh?! Completing the porch was a big goal of mine for the summer. The porch and Liam's room. When I get Liam's room finished, I will post pictures. It is nearly there.

However, I did finish some of those freezer paper stenciled onesies... I must give credit to Etsy though. I was cruisin the site and found oodles of things that I wanted to buy. I am broke, but crafty... So I borrowed the imagery from some of the items that I wished I could buy. I want to support other people that are using their talents to make a living. I don't think they would let me have them based on my looks though. So I apologize...but they are still pretty stinkin' cute huh. Other news...I am a go-getter this week I tell ya. I also took pictures of my niece, cut my brother's hair, worked on Oliver's scrapbook, organized my scrapbooking materials, and cleaned out my dining room cabinets... all today! I have a to do list with about 30 things on it that I want to get done before the end of July. 30 things, no joke. i am dreading cleaning the tub! Anybody know any quick ways to complete this task that doesn't include being hunched over for 20 minutes! My tummy gets in the way! I smacked myself in the gut with refridgerator door today. Ironic huh... Speaking of growing tummies...I want to congratulate a friend that reads this blog, that shall remain nameless, on her blessing. (fingers crossed for a girl)

Let's see...I think this is enough for now. I am going to try to keep posting more often. Although I know that once Liam gets here that will fly out the window. I do hope everyone had a good week...

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Melody said...

One of my favorite shower cleaners is straight vinegar. Pour a cup or so into a glass measuring cup and nuke it 'til it's good and hot (boiling is ok too) and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray your shower, and let it sit for a good 10 minutes or so. Then you should be able to just wipe it down. It works that well.

Hot vinegar doesn't smell the best, but I think it smells better than some of those awful chemically-smelling ones!