Friday, December 14, 2007

that was close...

Okay, yesterday I was going to CVS...

I know... I am an addict.

I walk out of my house and across the street is a huge dog.

Much like the one in the photo, but bigger and blondish...

I immediately start sweating and trying to figure out an escape route incase "Thor" dog decides to attack.

I walk down my steps and I am carrying Liam in the car seat also.

I imagine the dog jumping on me and attacking me and Liam.

I try to play it cool as the dog stop sniffing the ground and faces me with an alert glare.

Now I am really sweating.

I pray, "please God, don't let this dog hurt me or Liam..."

I muster up enough courage to meekly command the dog to "sit"...

and he sat!

God is awesome!

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