Saturday, July 18, 2009

King Liam Edward Turns Two!

My sweet baby "miam" is 2 years old today.

Miam's top ten...
1. "wanna tickoo beldee" : He wants to tickle my belly button. He has always found comfort in rubbing my belly button and his belly button when he is sleepy or sick.
2. The way he sucks his bottom lip.
3. He can make me laugh when I am on the verge of tears with his dimples.
4. He makes me feel like my heart could seriously shatter into a million pieces. When he wants "bid huds and tisses" and wraps his little arms around my neck so tight.
5. He makes me love Justin more everyday. The way I see Justin in Liam's personality... he is so loving, tender, and easily irritated.
6. Liam has helped me grow closer to God. The way that the Lord has given Liam to me to help me grow and know HIM better through being a better parent.
7. When he runs, he has these little knobby legs and he is "knock-kneed". He definitely has his own swagger.
8. His inability to refrain from shamming anything and everything into his hair... sand, mud, rocks, macaroni and cheese, lotion, you name it...
9. He loves to sing and dance. And he is a riot. I am especially fond of when he sings his Yo Gabba Gabba songs. And when he does his beat box impersonation.
10. Watching him sleep. He refuses to keep blankets on. And he has to have his airplane pillow from Pottery Barn Kids (that I got for $3 at a yard sale, best $3 I've spent in a while.) He wraps his little arms around that pillow and shoves his little butt up in the air. It is priceless.


Kim said...

He is just too darn cute! Makes me miss having a little one.

Nancy Nichols-Pethick said...

The "baby in the sink" pictures are my faves...David is scandalized that he ever took a bath (let alone fit!) in the tub, but we have the pics to prove it. Happy Birthday to Good King Liam! Long live the king!

Nancy Nichols-Pethick said...

duh. Took a bath in the SINK. You knew what I meant, right?


BaJaLis Blogs said...

Happy Birthday King Liam:) Jaiden to this day while sucking her thumb had to rub my ear and up and down my arm with her other hand. Not sure what is so soothing about that but she has done it since she was a baby and Bailey was the same way with the ears.

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