Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome to our bedroom!

And because I am neurotic when I am with child... I just had to redecorate our bedroom (and living room and bathroom) as well. My (totallyawesomeandlovingcaringnurturing) mom bought us the duvet cover, curtains, curtain rods, and bed skirt. (After sewing the crib skirt, I so owe her big time... I can't imagine making a bed skirt. ug) The prints are from Elsita Mora. Her work makes me sigh. I just love her blog banner for that matter! And the dresser is off of Craigslist for $20.00. Some paint and new knobs (hard labor courtesy of my husband) and it is as good as new! The walls are solid wood panels. Serious business here folks... wooden walls + wooden floors = sleeping in a solid pine box. Not good for the "zen" of the room... whatever that is. We decided we wanted gray. Yummy-sweet-soothe-my-soul gray. Justin did all of the painting also. Have I mentioned lately just how much I adore that man?! Anyway, the room is perfect!


*jAcLyN* said...

I love love love the duvet! Where did it come from???

Eliza's room looks great too. the name banner is my favorite :)

Sunny said...

Walmart online! Only $27!

Heather said...

Sunny, I stumbled across your blog through a friend of mine. Your pictures are wonderful! And I LOVE what you have done with your room and your little girl's room. You are sooo talented!