Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5 weeks

I have to say that things are getting easier around here. Naps are more routine. The boys are hit and miss with their moods though. It seems that Oliver is getting angry more easily. And Liam is just missing having his momma to himself. So, they are a little needy now and then. But that was to be expected. Eliza is doing wonderfully. She was 10lbs 10 oz and 23 in at her one month appointment. Growing so fast! She has been smiling since the day she was born (no joke) and cooing at me for a week or so now. It makes me want to just squeeze-squeeze-squeeze her!
As for me, I have been wanting to start getting back into shape. And my best friend, Bri, gave me an awesome Christmas present! A treadmill!!! It totally rocks. Now, I just have to be disciplined in using it. And not scarfing down 5 chocolate chip cookies at a time... I know that the sooner I am more comfortable in my own skin, the sooner I will be a happier person when getting dressed for church. No tears: that is my goal.
Justin went back to work this week. He has been home so much. He took 2 weeks off when Eliza was born. Then he had the holidays off. And I really got used to having him around. He really is amazing and just makes me smile. Even when we argue about how long one should hold down the broken toilet handle when flushing... (I don't hold it long enough, apparently.) I suppose it isn't so bad when that is all we have to argue about... and then we laugh. I miss him right now actually. Hey bearnaby, if you are reading this... I am missing you terribly on Tuesday afternoon at 3:33 p.m.
Not really sure where to go from here in this post. It is kind of all over the place. I will leave you with this...
It makes me unbelievably happy... and motivated. Just watch it.


Briana said...

You have a beautiful baby! I some what miss those days! :) Even though it was very stressful when they were babies!

mom said...

i miss reading this baby girl.

Anonymous said...

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