Saturday, July 10, 2010

God is generous...

We have such a wonderful neighborhood.
Filled with lovely families.
Growing families.
Loads of children.
And our awesome neighbor behind us.
Mr. Hayden has an extensive garden.
I used to only know him as the "tomato man", because he would leave bags of tomatoes on our porch.
Mr. Hayden has blessed our family beyond measure.
And today he blessed us with this magnificent bounce house!
He just gave it to us!
I love it when God uses people to bless others.
And it is just in time to use it at Liam's 3rd birthday party next weekend.

I am unbelievably amazed at the way that God not only provides for our family, but the ways in which he is generous beyond reason. God loves to see us happy. The same way I love to see my boys happy in that bounce house.

I am a grateful woman.

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