Monday, August 2, 2010

Are you a proud or a broken person?

Proud People

Focus on the failures of others
Self-righteous; have a critical, fault-finding spirit; look at own
life/faults through a telescope but others with a microscope
Look down on others
Independent/self-sufficient spirit
Maintain control; must be my way
Have to prove that they are right
Claim rights
Demanding spirit
Self-protective of time, rights, reputation
Desire to be served
Desire to be a success
Desire for self-advancement
Driven to be recognized/appreciated
Wounded when others are promoted and they are overlooked
“The ministry is privileged to have me!”
Think of what they can do for God
Feel confident in how much they know
Keep people at arms’ length
Quick to blame others
Defensive when criticized
Concerned with being “respectable”
Concerned about what others think
Work to maintain image/protect reputation
Find it difficult to share their spiritual needs with others
Want to be sure nobody finds out about their sin
Have a hard time saying, “I was wrong; will you please
forgive me?”
When confessing sin, deal in generalities
Concerned about the consequences of their sins
Remorseful over their sin—got caught/found out
When there is a misunderstanding or conflict, wait for others to
come and ask forgiveness
Compare themselves with others and feel deserving of honor
Blind to their true heart condition
Don’t think they have anything to repent of
Don’t think they need revival (Think everybody else does!)

Broken People

Overwhelmed with sense of their own spiritual need
Compassionate; forgiving; look for best in others
Esteem all others better than self
Dependent spirit/recognize need for others
Surrender control
Willing to yield the right to be right!
Yield rights
Giving spirit
Motivated to serve others
Desire to be faithful to make others a success
Desire to promote others
Sense of unworthiness; thrilled to be used at all;
eager for others to get credit
Rejoice when others are lifted up
“I don’t deserve to serve in this ministry!”
Know that they have nothing to offer God
Humbled by how much they have to learn
Not concerned with self at all
Risk getting close to others/willing to take the risks of
loving intimately
Accept personal responsibility—can see where they were wrong
“Easy to be entreated”
Receive criticism with a humble, open heart
Concerned with being real
All that matters is what God knows
Die to own reputation
Willing to be open/transparent with others
Willing to be exposed (Once broken, you don’t care who
knows—nothing to lose!)
Are quick to admit failure and to seek forgiveness
Deal in specifics
Grieved over the cause/root of their sins
Repentant over sin (forsake it)
Take the initiative to be reconciled; see if they can get to the
cross first!
Compare themselves to the holiness of God and feel desperate
need for mercy
Walk in the light
Continual heart attitude of repentance
Continually sense their need for a fresh encounter with the filling
of His Spirit!

Proud. Really displays an insecurity. A need to make up for something that we feel we are lacking. We feel a need to prove ourselves competent and successful.

Broken. Actually shows that we are aware of our need for our God's hand in our lives. We happily depend on His guidance and long for His will.

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