Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valen-Times!

So another Valentines Day has come and gone. We enjoyed our day snowed in together. It was nice. Justin couldn't get to work because of the snow. So, even more time to hang out. I miss those days. I have been working on several little things. I am almost finished with a baby blanket, and a baby dress. Man, I hope I have a girl. I know that is bad. I honestly just hope for good health. But, there is always a but, I want a girl. I watched people plowing their drives. I didn't care if our drive was clear. My theory, let the sun melt it. Come on Summer! My amazing husband bought me a few maternity things for valentine's day. He was so patient. Taking care of Oliver while I endlessly tried things on, and gave up several times. But I did get 2 dresses and a pair of jeans. He makes me so happy. I didn't realize how much love grows over time. Almost 8 years. Only 2 1/2 married. I am still pretty young ya know. I feel like I am 87 years old. I enjoy all things "old." I am addicted to Little House on the Prairie. I love sun tea. I am not your typical 24 year old I guess. I can't wait until we get a house out in the country. Close your eyes and imagine this, after you read it I guess. You drive down a dusty country road and turn down a long lane dotted with those trees with white bark, as the leaves twirl in a frenzied dance around your car. You have the window down and some Simon and Garfunkel on the radio. On the horizon you see a creamy yellow and sage green, 2 story house on a hill. It is loaded with windows. As you drive up, you notice the random animals, goats and a few chickens. The house has an amazing wrap around porch that expands as you go around the backside. When you enter, you are overwhelmed with the scent of hydrangea. Sunlight streams in from all around. The interior has a modern rustic appeal. With oodles of interesting works of art. You can hear the sound of the creek rushing and the faint sound of the kids laughing and splashing. You will find me outside in my studio next to the creek watching the kids and drinking tea while painting some new piece of art. That is my dream. I can't wait. Okay, my hands hurt. I am going to go for now. I will post some pictures like I have been promising for a while. easy cheesy!

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