Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So I took a stab at making my very first skirt. It is just a simple drawstring skirt. I did it without a pattern. I think I learn alot more when I do that. Trial and error I suppose. I am very pleased with it. My favorite is the tree and bird on the lower corner of the skirt. But that was a drag to do, the tree anyway. I also made some matching bloomers to go with the little dress I made with the quails on it. Too cute. Who would of thought that miniature underwear could be so darling... Once again I didn't use a pattern. I think I have developed a minow fear of patterns. I have never used one. So, I am clueless about what to expect. I should probably just dive right in and give it a shot. What else, what else...We had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything seems to moving along smoothly. We will find out the sex of the baby in 3 weeks!

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1 comment:

kathryn said...

Your skirt is wonderful; I love the bird detail. And no pattern? I'm impressed!

What type of fabric did you use? (it's hard to tell from the picture)