Thursday, September 27, 2007

Away We Go!!!

Well, I checked out a friend of mine's blog and liked how often she posted. So, I am going to give it whirl. I am going to try to blog everyday for a month. We'll see. I will probably end up fizzling out. Typical...

Question, for anyone that reads this...all 3 of you. I am trying to find a better way to have my devotions. I tried just old school reading my Bible. But, I know that after a day or two, I am getting nothing and just doing it to say that I did it. Maybe this is a heart problem. I tried listening to Demoss... but there are only a few audio posts available. So, suggestions on an audio version of devotions?

I am addicted. To coupons. To CVS. It haunts my dreams. But I love it. I think I annoy the "non-pons" as I refer to them. (Those people that don't coupon...) (and my husband) Because I like to talk about the deals! It is like a game to me... How much stuff for how little money...challenging.

This is a very random post. That is how my mind functions I suppose. I want to put a picture up. So I am including the photo of a siberian baby weighing 17lbs and 1 oz. Thank goodness for my 7 lb babies.

So, tomorrow then. I am out!

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