Saturday, September 29, 2007

Did somebody day ROTTEN!

Nothing like getting off to a rotten start! Man! I can't or wait yes I can believe it. Let's see...Today Justin and I took a much needed trip to Lafayette without the kids. AAAHHHH...I love my boys, but man-o-mighty did I need a break. I have to get over the guilt that I feel whenever I leave them though. It stinks and tends to ruin the day. Carolyn, my sis-in-law, came home this weekend from ISU. So we have been hanging out with her a bit. She is great. Oliver has yet another ear infection and it is making life cranky for both of us. What else? Oh, I know I left a chicken breast in the microwave to thaw out. I forgot about it for 2 days... and my kitchen smelled like a dead animal this morning. GROSS! Other than that, I should be doing my dishes right now. But alas, I procrastinate yet again! Adios.

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