Monday, October 29, 2007

Indy Here We Come!

We went on a church trip this past weekend. We went to the Children's Museum and the Castleton Mall. We had a blast! Oliver loved the Children's Museum. We also went to Build-A-Bear. He made a monkey and Liam made a triceratops.

It was an amazing thing watching Oliver with other kids his age and older. It was hard to watch him get picked on. I never wanted to hurt little kids. But I did that day. Motherly instincts? Or being overprotective? Either way, I was ready to throw down...

It was bittersweet. He is so big and time has gone so fast. It made me happy to see him growing up. But it made me sad to think that he is not my baby anymore.

But Liam is all baby. I had him in Snugli all day. He was a good baby.
Our hotel room was nice. I could have lived there. There was also a gift basket from our pastor's wife. It was such a nice surprise!
We went to a different church and I felt like the pastor was talking directly to me. It was awesome to see God prepare for us, when we had no clue what He was doing.

All in all, an excellent weekend. Exhausting and Excellent.

I just wish that my pastor and his family could have enjoyed it also. Rather than working and stressing out...
P.S. Oliver was slightly freightened of the dinosaurs. As you can tell by the last photo...

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