Thursday, April 24, 2008


I love to watch God work in our lives. But I have to say nothing beats watching God answer my son's prayers (or desires... we are working on the praying and understanding it thing.)

So, yesterday we went for a walk. Pretty typical, we do quite a bit of that. When we got home, Oliver didn't want to go inside. Also typical. We went in the front yard and let him swing. Then our neighbor, Cyrus, and his Daddy came over too. Cyrus is 2 1/2. He was riding in his new big Power Wheels Jeep. I watched Oliver's eyes light up as they approached. He wanted out of the swing and into that Jeep, and quick! As I watched him driving Cyrus around our yard and through my flower beds, I felt ashamed. I was ashamed for not being able to shower my children with big gifts like this one. I wanted to bring that kind of joy to his face. Not 2 minutes after those thoughts had crept into my mind, I was reminded that it doesn't take toys to bring joy. But all the same, I wanted my kids to have more than I ever did. Then God happened. Cyrus' father offered to give Oliver and Liam their old Power Wheels Jeep! Holy Cow! They wouldn't take anything for it. Amazing. I don't know why I am blown away, I knew God could do it. I guess I thought God might be more caught up in prayers about Global Warming or the BPA scare. Either way, Oliver and I were thanking God "lots and lots" today. We figured we would make some cookies and a thank you card for Cyrus.

And, yep there is an AND... Today, Liam had a check-up appointment at 11:30. First, I didn't know what time it was scheduled for. I didn't have a car. Justin's mom let us borrow hers. One hurdle jumped. So, I left at 10:45 just in case it was at 11. I went and picked up my mom to sit in the car while I checked to see what time the appointment was for. The computers were down. So, they will call me to re-schedule. No biggie. Headed home. Wait, I have laundry waiting on me at home. I don't want to go home. Ok, let's go get Oliver some french fries and visit my dad. Drive by Dad's, not home. Bummer. Go to turn around and I find this in the trash! A TOYBOX! I have been wanting a toybox for over a year. I don't have extra cash to buy a new one. I was just looking at garage sales without any luck. Then God happens and... Whammo! A free toybox! I didn't even have to clean it up. It is just awesome to know that God had all of this worked out perfectly. He set up the down computers and the french fries and Dad being gone, all just so that I could run across this free toybox that He knew I wanted. I just wanted it. He takes care of what we need and what we want. He spoils me. Thank you God.

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Anonymous said...

Just like making necklaces with shells from the creek or seeing easter bunnies running to hide or having santa make a bed spread just like mommies. How about watching your babies becoming parents or buying a new house or remembering their favorite moments while being young. telling you thanks for being there. there are so many more things to come. hope you see each and every one. I love you baby girl.