Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Please be praying for this family. Destiny and Jesse have recently lost their infant son on Valentine's Day this year. They are continuing to struggle and desperately need fervent prayer. I am asking you, person reading this, to please take a moment and pray for them today and especially Thursday. Please be praying that the Lord will help them to see His will in their situation and help to heal their pain. Thanks.


Sara B. said...

Jeremy and I will keep them in our prayers. Losing a precious one is unimaginable. Only God can heal their hearts.

Annie said...

Praying for you Destiny. Praying that God will hold you in His hand and will give you wisdom in this trying time. Praying that the Holy Spirit will wrap you in understanding, mery, grace, and peace.

Anonymous said...

wow, rips my heart out.

Anonymous said...

as a mother i cannot begin to imagine what a loss like that would be like. my heart aches for them. i will remember them in my prayers and ask my church to pray as well. the pictures were beautiful but heartbreaking.

Science Hill, KY