Monday, June 30, 2008

When did he grow so fast?

Man, Oliver is hilarious. The boys are in the tub and I give Oliver his toothbrush.

Me: "Oliver, brush your teeth."

Oliver: "Whan too-paate Momma. Peeaas."

Me: "Okay, here ya go. Say thank you Momma." (Put toothpaste on his toothbrush.)

Oliver: "Tank-ooo Momma."

[Liam starts whining, wanting Oliver's toothbrush.]

Me: " Liam, you want a toothbrush too?" (Give Liam Justin's toothbrush.)

Oliver: "Miam whan too-paate too Momma."

Me: "No bud, Liam is too little for toothpaste. He can't have any."

Oliver: "Ollvr got toopaate, Momma."

Me: "Yes, well you are a big boy, Oliver and Liam is still too little."

Oliver: "No Momma, Ollvr a man."

Me: (Looking astonished and covered in water...) "Well then, excuse me. Oliver is a man."


Melody said...

Too funny. My oldest just told me the other day that he was a man too. Hmpf. I don't think so! LOL!

BaJaLis Blogs said...

That is hilarious. Just yesterday you had a toddler and today you have a little man:)
The house looks lovely. Love the picture collage in the dining room. Looks like you have been busy putting you Sunny touch on everything:) How are you all adjusting to the new home and new town?