Thursday, September 25, 2008


What does grace mean? Who has it? Who gives it? What is it? How are you gracious? Examples of it... HELP! Seriously, please leave me a comment about your interpretation of grace and it's meaning. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

this is mom, and i always felt that to be gracious was to be loving, giving and forgive easily. to have grace could also be to carry yourself well. i believe that to be a mother or grandmother can be gracious.

Lisa said...

To me grace is kinda what your mom said.
Someone who shows grace shows love and compassion.
When you see them they seem pure and kind hearted.
Someone willing to forgive instantly not holding harsh feelings...Ive known few people in my life that are an example of Grace the way I see it.

Stickers said...

Hi Sunny,
I like this definition I found in the dictionary:

A favor rendered by one who need not do so