Sunday, October 26, 2008


The cool air tosses my hair into my eyes. I tuck it back behind my ear. This song eases out of my speakers at full volume. My smile is uncontainable yet subtle. The gas pedal presses closer to the floor. There is liberty here. The taste of the field is in the air. It's thick. The corn husks flutter in a spiraled dance across the dusty road. White scuffs of overgrown grass paint past my car as I make my way home. Burnt umber palettes iced with autumn branches. This is me...

(These photos were taken without looking through the camera... I just held the camera out of the window and shot away while I was driving... This is not recommended.)

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nada louise said...

do you know how it makes my heart feel knowing that you are loving the things i find important in life. definately a thank you god. nice work.