Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Opinions are like... bellybuttons.

Everybody has one. (Unless you have had some kind of tummy tuck or something.)

Justin has his DACC (Danville Area Comm. College) office Christmas Party on Friday night. It is at the "Knights of Colombus" in Danville. We will be eating dinner, having a raffle and there will be a DJ for dancing. I asked Justin what women wear to these things, and I got a very typical vague "Justin" answer. So, I asked him to ask his boss... (I would have loved to witness that awkward conversation...) He comes back and tells me that the women usually wear slacks and a Christmas sweater. Well, I am not wasting my tacky Christmas sweater 2008 on the DACC Christmas Party! And so, this is my outfit...

My questions,

Which shoes?
Pearls or no pearls?

Possibly relevant information:
*The boots are comfy.
*The boots are hot.
*The flats hurt my left big toe.
*The flats might be easier to dance in.

Basically, which ones look the best?
Pain is tolerable.
Heat is tolerable.


Daddy's Dream ~Mommy's Miracle said...

Pearls are a must. I say Boots....however Jesse says, you need to go shopping for some new shoes...hehe

Anonymous said...

I say flats, I would rather be in pain than be HOT! No one likes a sweaty, non Christmas sweater wearing new girl! :)

Sunny said...

Crap Jesse!
I just bought these two pair! Justin is fed up with me... :) I also have some black high heels! Ack! What am I going to wear?! I know there are bigger issues in the world, I know. ;)

mom said...

boots and no pearls, the flats remind me of elf shoes

Elizabeth said...

the boots are my favorite, but the shoes look dressier. . . . just read your comments - maybe the heels!

and i do know someone - a little boy - who has no belly button. for real. i've seen it!

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Stickers said...


If you have a clanky silver pendant on a long chain that would be cuter.

Love the black on black on black on black. Modest, but sexy! I like my bellybutton, but I'd much rather share my opinion with the world.


mom said...

stickers has a real good idea.

lisaepriest said...

I have to agree with your mom the shoes look like elf shoes to me.
LOL but hey we all know how my fashion is.
Hope you have a blast...

meatersmom said...

Pearls and boots! You looks so cute!