Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Me Monday!

It's that time again...
Not Me Monday!

Motherhood is loaded with judgment and criticism. And I must say that I am the epitome of a glorious shining example of mother of the year...

I most certainly did not help my 3 year old put on his underwear, see the skid marks in them, and continue to put them on him anyway. I would never do such a disgusting thing.

I would never feed my children cold hotdogs for lunch, 3 days in a row. All because I am not hungry enough to actually cook something. Never.

What kind of mother would force her child to try a bite of a bell pepper from the garden only to see moments afterward that there was a worm in the pepper... and then gag... not this mom.

Mother of the year would not wake up in the morning with one boob freezing due to its exposure to the chilly air because she was too lazy/tired/exhausted to simply put her bra back on after an early morning feeding for her daughter.

Loving, tender, and sweet mothers would never completely flip their lids and begin yelling at her 2 young boys that if they don't pick up the million train tracks and thomas the tank engines, then she would smash them with a hammer and throw them in the garbage... all of this occuring while her 9 month old daughter is puking all over her and the living room floor. After the chaotic moment, her oldest (4 year old) son would look up at her hold out his little hands and say, "Momma, We're gunnaneed you da calm down wif us." A good mother would never lose her cool to the point that the 4 year old is the logical thinker in that scenario. However a good mother would ask for forgiveness. :)

Being the fantastic mother that I am, I would never just turn on Max and Ruby so that I could write a blog post and hope for the best for the 3 kiddos in the other room.


Daddy's Dream ~Mommy's Miracle said...

So glad that I am not the only one that does some pretty random things....but there are some that are to crazy to post!!!

Sara said...

HUmm, Max and Ruby, we haven't seen those yet. We've not had a way too much PBS day because nothing seems to be working out right because we're all tired day.