Monday, March 3, 2008

closing lids

Okay okay... it was vain of me to insist that people announce themselves as readers of this blog. I wanted to know that I was loved. I am so insecure it is stupid. However, I think the mood and the style of this blog is gonna change a bit. I watched a dinky little sitcom whatever, called well I can't even remember the name of it...but it had to do with a girl's blog. She called them as she saw them. Very open and honest. And that is how this is gonna be. So a fair warning friends and family, nobody is safe. I am just gonna air it all out from now on.

And so, things that I noticed lately.

Shel Silverstein is a genius.

Complainin' Jack

This morning my old jack-in-the-box

Popped out--and wouldn't get back-in-the-box.

He cried, "Hey, there's a tack-in-the-box,

And it's cutting me through and through.

"There also is a crack-in-the-box,

And I never find a snack-in-the-box,

And sometimes I hear a quack-in-the-box,

'Cause a duck lives in here too."

Complain, complain is all he did--

I finally had to close the lid.

Sometimes, you just have to close the lid, or the "Complainin' Jacks" in your life just might make you crazy... or depressed... whichever comes first.

So, I closed some lids.

On a brighter note... I have been kinda a little busy with some photography stuff. Here are some of the maternity shots I did this week. It's so easy when your model is already pretty.


Kristin said...

just stopping by to say hi, and thanks for your comment/entry on my blog! :)

also wanted to let you know that i really enjoy your photography (i am a photographer also). Maternity is so much fun to photograph.

also, Shel Silverstein *is* a genius. I think there is a poem for every possible connundrum known to man.

Lisa said...

I bet the first picture could win an award that is so so kool. your very talented....lisa

Autum said...

I love Shel Silverstein!
I wish you could photograph Alyssa. Those are beautiful!!

JanaBanana said...

Oh My gosh I LOVE the picture with the ribbon on her belly... Such a cute idea I think I will have to try that :)

britt said...

Okay so how do you do the black and white pictures with the one thing in color??? I've been trying to figure this out for a while now. I thought i could with one of the programs i was using but turns out i can't??? Beautiful pictures!

Sunny said...

the magic of photoshop... do you have photoshop?