Wednesday, March 26, 2008

and they grow...

Oliver and his cousin Andrew... aka Bach and Beethoven

About a month and a half ago, Oliver was playing the piano and singing (like he does daily) and all of sudden I hear this...

"Momma, see the S.
I then hear, "S...T...O...C...A...K..."

I have a Story and Clark piano...He was pointing to letters on the piano and saying them!
You would have thought that I hit the lottery that day! I was jumping and clapping and then we went to the kitchen.
He has those magnetic alphabet letters and the Leap Frog thingy that pronounces them for you. We we just held up the letters one by one and he knew about 13 of the letters! I was astounded! (I think it is all of that PBS SuperWhy and Word World)

Anyway, we practice a little here and there... and now he knows all of his letters except L, Q, R, and W. I mean this little booger amazes me. Justin and I have been taking the boys on our walks this past week. (It has been reasonably nice.) And when we come within a block of a stop sign... Oliver starts it up...
"Momma. Daa-eee. Do you see P?" We then point to the letters and sure enough S. T. O. P. Man, they grow up fast.

Speaking of growing up... on March 19... he got his first 2 teeth. I love his little all gums grin. But he has got some character now buddy. I can't believe it... 2 teeth! He didn't get teeth until late. So, I guess I just thought they weren't coming. I knew they would. But I just don't like my baby growing up on me so fast. My parents were right, time does fly the older you get. He says mama and dada too. Dada on March 6 and Momma on March 8... Both of my boys said dada first! Drat!

All of these things are great and dandy. But none of them would be possible if God weren't so awesome and merciful. He takes care of this little family. He loves us. He was more proud of Oliver than I ever could be. He helped nudge those little teefers of Liam's out. He takes care of the big things and the little things. Thank you Lord, you and I both know that I don't deserve this life. Thank you for loving me.

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