Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet the Remaklus Family

Joe, Kristen, and Abner! (His name is almost as precious as he is!)

We had so much fun, a little bit of trespassing, but good wholesome fun all the same.

Remember, if you like these portraits... I am guessing you would look just as amazing! I am still running the Holiday Special $50 Portrait Session! If we still have this super-nice weather, I will hold it for a little bit longer... But don't wait, we do live in Indiana... it could start snowing tonight!


nada louise said...

i showed these to chris, sounds like you are going to take off baby girl

sismo said...

these are absolutely phenominal sun, i agree with mom... you are going to have lots of bookings.

Amie Peeken said...

These pics are great! Actually, all of your pics are great, never seen one that wasn't amazing. I would love it if we could book an appt. with you. Especially with Mason's autism it would be easier to do something outside at the park or something. I would love for pictures to be less stressful!!! And besides, we have NO family pics yet....how sad is that!