Saturday, November 8, 2008

Old friends...

Bryan, Bri, Brayden, and Brynlee Wrede

Okay, so Bri and I go way back. Way back.

We stayed up late one night and ate too much chicken rice.
We were accused of being lesbians because we were always together.
We would take her grandparents clunker car out for fun.
We wrecked my first car, busted the oil pan offroading in a Mercury the length of a football field.
We religously ate Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas and Pintos and Cheese.
We would take trips to the mall in our volleyball practice clothes.
We were each others maid-of-honor.
We are still best of friends.
We always will be.

Anywhoo. I was honored to photograph the Wrede family re-union this weekend. There will be plenty more photo posts to come. (Like I took over 200 photos plenty more...)

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