Sunday, February 27, 2011

Come on Summer...

Good gracious I wish warm weather would makes it way here. I enjoy winter... for the first few weeks. Then, I am ready for my 70 degree weather again. So, I thought I would do a little sweet summertime sewing, to hopefully induce Spring. I made 2 of these outfits. One for Eliza and one for a new baby named Eden. (I love that name!) I also made matching bloomers. The other photos are the rest of the baby shower gift that I made. I have really enjoyed getting back to my sewing. I think I am going to make a giant to-do list. Because I am a list maker. But, I only make lists because I love to cross things off of them.

Other things, I was talking with Oliver and Liam tonight at bedtime. It started to storm and thunder and they were frightened. So, I went into their room. We talked about rain, lightning, and thunder. Oliver looked at me and said, "God just talks and raises his hands and makes tornadoes and storms, right momma?" I was blown away. "Yes, Oliver that is right. How did you know that?" "I just knowed, Momma." Then we were talking about how God is perfect and the great creator. And we are sinners. We discussed what sin is. We talked about the things that we do that are wrong. We talked about how that sin keeps us from being able to be with God, because He is perfect. We talked about how Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins. And that if we believe that Jesus is the son of God, and He died on the cross for our sins, and we say we are sorry and ask God to forgive us for our sins, then we can go to Heaven someday. We talked about how much Jesus loves us. And how mean the people were to Jesus. We talked about how we get to Heaven and where Heaven is. Oliver asked if God colored outside the lines. Liam asked if God made skateboards. We talked about how we will all be together with God someday in Heaven. And Oliver said, "Momma, Jesus will scoop us up in his arms out of the stream. But there's no alligators or crocodiles in the water. And he will carry us up to Heaven." I don't know what stream he is talking about. But I love the image... of my Saviour scooping me up. Cradling my children. Taking us out of this world. I see myself resting my head on his chest. Feet dangling. And He protects me. I want my Jesus to carry me everyday. And I am so thankful for my little boy giving me a gentle reminder of the joy that exists in the arms of Christ. God teaches me so much just through the act of being a mother.

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