Monday, February 28, 2011

Put the baby to bed.

I have this habit of buying junk at yard sales. Like junk. Stuff that looks like it should be in a dumpster. Justin usually gives me the look. But alas, I pay my .25 and move on. Shamming it into the van. I always have the best of intentions. Sometimes, it just takes me a little while to see the plan through.

But I did it. I bought each of these for a quarter. The little "kitchen" or basic stand was a nasty burgundy color. A little paint, velcro, and fabric and Viola! The cradle was a dirty dirty dirty supposed to white about 5 years ago. Spraypaint, little mattress, quilt, and pillow and now Eliza can put the baby to bed. .50 isn't too bad... I used stuff from my stash for all the rest.

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momof3girls said...

These are fabulous finds! I love to yardsale too. My husband says we're just swaping junk. LOL! At least it's cheaper than buying new and it makes me feel good.