Monday, February 28, 2011

Yet another dress for loulou.

I really liked this dress from Old Navy. But, I don't want to spend money. And it is only available in the big girl sizes. And it is long sleeved. So, I thought about it and decided to try to make something similar. I usually don't sew with jersey knit. It wasn't that bad really. I wanted it to be more empire waist than it turned out. But, it will do the trick. I am really on a red, white, blue, and yellow kick. I might add a fabric flower to this one. Not sure yet. I have another dress that I made... hmmm, let me see if I took any photos of it.

Well, you are in luck! I did take some photos. I just lopped off the top of a t-shirt and attached the skirt to it. The skirt was just a basic gathered tiered skirt. Nothing fancy. But I love it!

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Brianne said...

I love them both!! So cute!! And perfect for spring/summer!